Friday 6 February 2015


Arriving courtesy of supercool Paris label Sound Pellegrino, this is a new track from French, or at least France-based, producer Martel Ferdan. Unfortunately it's only a snippet; my heart cries tears of longing when I stumble across a snippet of a track on the internet. But it's ok. I understand… kinda.

Anyway, the track is called 'Toy Gun' and what I first noticed about it was the collage of styles at work throughout. The thudding kicks follow a dancehall pattern, a sonic trigger that almost always results in some form of dancing; clusters of giant metallic drum summon a Brazilian carnival-esque atmosphere; the percussion forms a kind of breakbeat pattern; the wonky synth bass sounds very much like the sort of bass you'd find in UK grime… The amalgamation of these different flavours gives it a rich and complex base that feels like it does to the brain what a tasty, well spiced dish does to the tongue.

And from out this exciting broth emerges melody, stuttering and spicy synth that right away took me back to Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – the same dynamic short and sharp bursts, the same wild and wailing vibrato at work. Add to this an occasional sound which is kind of like the synthesised squawk of a seagull, and the combined plaintive-spooky melodies of a music box and toy flute towards the end, and you have yourself a mishmash of dance flavours ornamented with hints of videogame music.

I wanna hear the full version!

Martel Ferdan Social Media Presence ☟

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