Saturday 7 February 2015


I think this guy Gerry Read is from the UK. It's a guess. Only because I am also from the UK and his profile picture on SoundCloud shows some houses that are unmistakably British suburb. Other than that I don't know anything about him really. A quick look at his profile on Discogs tells us that he first emerged with some "warm, harmonious productions" but is now practising "an altogether darker, funkier take on house music."

Case in point: this track. It's called 'Come To Me' and although it's not that dark, it is certainly a funky and hypnotic slice of house. First impressions: a mechanical sound, with clacking woodblocks and pneumatic hi-hats, that conjures the rhythmic inner workings of a diorama depicting a romantic bedroom scene, the vocal sample "Come to me…" an eternal speech bubble of desire in the nocturnal heat of the moment.

It shuffles along with this industrial precision, seamlessly introducing, removing and replacing elements for a decidedly progressive feel. Ghostly samples appear a third of the way through, the slow and melodic in-and-out wheezings of an ancient phantom, which sway beneath warm chords that sound like soft gemstones gleaming in static. The whole luscious lot of it is imbued with this slightly worn, decayed feel – a loving touch that adds an aged yet timeless feel to the music.

  • A further google reveals that Mr. Read is indeed from the UK – but I've seen that he's from Suffolk and also from St Albans so who knows.
  • Also, the cover art for 'Come To Me' is a mirrored image of the artwork for Gerry Read's album Jummy – but the song isn't on the tracklist. Maybe taken from an upcoming release related to the 2012 album? Prob not though.

Gerry Read Social Media Presence ☟

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