Monday 23 June 2014


Last time we heard from this Bratislava-based musicmaker he had just finished making his Notch EP, a little journey through some grittily futuristic flavoured music (released on Slovakian label, Gergaz Records). I wasn't expecting to hear anything more from him (him being Pišta Kráľovič aka FVLCRVM) for a while, so it was a lovely surprise to get an email from him yesterday, letting me know about his latest creations.

The first of these is a remix for Norwegian singer Samsaya's latest (and from what I can work out, only) song 'Stereotype'; FVLCRVM goes in hard with a booming jungle-esque treatment, working with the classic jungle clatter and combining it with itchingly fresh electronic sounds, totally transforming the catchy and dirty pop of the original. I liked this. You can listen to it here (CLICK). Allegedly it was part of a remix competition, and FVLCRVM was one of the winners! (It's a free download, too).

But the real treat came with his latest release: a remix of Prague-based band Videos' track 'Run' – tagged amicably with "praguetislava".

Well! Hmm! What do you think? Isn't this just dreamy? Well actually, I'd say that the original 'Run' is more dreamy, being a combination of floaty dreampop and 80s-style electropop, with grinding synths, fat, fuzzy drums, and bleak Ian Curtis-style vocals. What FVLCRVM does is out-of-this-world, blanketing the track with a mist of heavenly chords, allowing the vocals to surface occasionally like bubbles from the sea; soon this all changes.

Claps and tiny snare sounds and jingling hi-hats, along with human breath noises for percussion, herald the true beginning of the song, with hefty mouthfuls of synth chord blasting out with a cosmic progression, backed up by rumbly bass; a small distorted melody pops up every now and again with the intensity of phantom signals from space. Vocal samples of the original pockmark the track, which is also decorated with a few beautiful drum edits (one particularly at 3:07 grabs your ears nicely), throughout its journey from calm – through the energetic middle – and back to primordial calm once more.

FVLCRVM's future-forward style stops at nothing in order to leap feet-first into the forefront of your imagination. Let's hope that his next offering is just as interesting and palatable as this!

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