Thursday 24 May 2012


'Channels, Okinawa n. (oki-nawa) : def. Neutral objects become active. Surfaces form conduits for distant messages.'

Whatever it means, 'Okinawa Channels' by rising star NZCA/LINES is a force to be reckoned with. I'm talking about this one a bit late in the day, but there is always time to feature wonderful music and this song counts as particularly wonderful indeed.

Please listen/watch video below if you have never heard 'Okinawa Channels' before.

Somehow it captures a sunny early 90s pop-song vibe, pure electronica but with a retro throwback that gives it an indomitable sound. It's a tribute to, or sounds like a tribute to, this style of music. The execution is fabulous, the sounds rising up in waves, delivering fuzzy synth straight into the pleasure centre of the brain. It is lush and refreshing, like a water fight on hot grass.

It reminds me of having the radio on in the kitchen in summer. School has broken up and all the windows in the house are open, letting a breeze blow in. That's what it sounds like, anyway. NZCA/LINES writes some great melodies, including a nice little, Japanese-inspired refrain that keeps coming back like a happy yo-yo over the top of a dextrous, warm bassline. A satisfyingly complex (to an extent) beat carries the song on its back, including the singalong vocals.

A brilliant song. I cannot stop listening to it. Comes from the album NZCA/LINES.

And I am very happy this guy is from London.

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