Thursday 17 May 2012


Electro is a wonderful thing: unmistakeable rhythm and utterly hedonistic melodies designed solely for the brain's tempopleasure centre. And electro such as that displayed by Junior High in their song 'PSA' is indeed a wonderful thing.

There's a brilliance of carefree sentiment infused into every sound of this track, just like the attitude previously preached in the heyday of electro-dance music by artists like Justice and Simian Mobile Disco. That was back in the block colour haze that was 2005/6. Junior High pick up the flaming torch of red and yellow construction paper and bring it hurtling to 2012.

'PSA' pays tribute to Junior High's electro ancestry, tracing lines back to dance music of the 1980s but adding modern grooves. Like Smarties with E numbers, like hot chocolate with cream, like a non-non-alcoholic piña colada, it's already good before it's polished with a wholly modern, post-millenial varnish.

The bass synth is warm and kind of creeps into your veins, coaxing your blood cells to leave their duties and dance around for a while. It is an acrobatic bassline, stretching yogically between octaves, always locked in to the track's sturdy gym mat of a beat. The synthesised chords that wash over you like a Super Soaker in summer are deliciously modulated, soaring and echoing beneath the happy-happy vocals. But it wouldn't be complete without the little guitar licks that pop up after the halfway point. It gives the song a peak to climb, from which it sends you the guitar's zesty distortion. Joy!

This single comes ahead of their S/T LP, scheduled for release on 22nd May.

Check this video. Colourful, lo-fi and playful, it fits the vibe of the song entirely.

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