Tuesday 1 November 2011


Who is Slugabed? I wasn't too sure until about a week ago. But since then I have had the bass sounds from his wonderful song 'Depth Perception' echo in my bones, shaking like brittle china in the wake of the earthquake beats.

This comes from his new EP, Sun Too Bright Turn It Off, which was released 24th October. It's being released on label Ninja Tune, Slugabed - real name Gregory Feldwick (Slugabed is something his mum used to call him) - having moved around from label to label, like Planet Mu and Ramp Recordings, to settle down earlier this year with the label.

And what a song 'Depth Perception' is. It's chilled to the core, exuding a strong heart-kicking beat flows through you, the various underwater modulated synth streaming through like blurs of light. Dancehall rhythm with a warm surrounding all-surmounting window shaking vibe as it drizzles glitch bleeps.

The progression of the beat from start to finish is supremely well done. Two thirds of the way through this song, the melodic high frequency solo, 80s in soul 80s in spirit, is pretty much divine. The whole thing comes on like an intense dream. This guy can really pull some moves. Heavenly producer. He's also from Kingston.

You can download this track. Do it!

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