Friday 4 November 2011


Do you have a MasterCard? If so you're in luck. You can book priority tickets for the BRIT Awards 2012. Not bad eh? It all comes from MasterCard's long-term partnership with the UK's biggest music event - bar Glastonbury perhaps.

Tipped for big big success at 2012's BRITs is Adele, who (alongside others, like Cee Lo Green and Arcade Fire) absolutely smashed this year's with a live performance of her radio-exploding song, 'Someone Like You', shortly afterwards becoming the aural currency by which many pop-lovers did business.

She claimed
it to be "the most life changing night" of her life. "Everyone stood up," she said. "I've never been given a standing ovation by my peers and the industry." And all the better for it; she gets embarrased singing about missing her ex-boyfriend, the one who inspired her 21 album, so it was a massive achievement for her.

So if you'd like to be part of an audience that is privvy to witness such a life-altering thing as an artist receiving recognition for their talents, artistic and creative, then it's all the better for you if you do indeed have a MasterCard. Until 24th November, you can book those priority tickets and get some prime seats before they go on general sale to the hoi polloi.

This all comes as part of MasterCard's Priceless Cities offering - have a look there to see what you could get. There's all sorts, from visits to the capitals best museums and stately homes to West End musicals. And it's all for you fortunate MasterCard holders.

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