Tuesday 25 October 2011


Completely loving this sound at the moment I could just sink in sublime and explore these super melodies like a scuba diver in some coral or the deepest waters man I love it. It's house (House) but not as it has always been. This is No Articifical Colours.

Laden with heaps of groove, the song below 'In The Deep' is but a mere taster of their beat-driven sensibilities. When not being No Artificial Colours, the two people that make it up are known in the real world as Ryan Ellis (23) and Lewis Wright (26). Both relatively young, to an old tree or the earth perhaps, they started making music when they started playing the same nights ("We should stop meeting like this" - that kind of thing), after which they realised their musical tastes were pretty in synch. With a debut EP, Welcome To The Jungle, out at the beginning of this year, they have another one out tomorrow but technically today (25th October) which is called Street Knowledge.

'In The Deep' is actually not on the EP but is a great song nonetheless. Perfect for night time. And it got put up only a few hours ago too.

The groove is created by the simplest of things, things which take a very fine-tuned ear to figure out sometimes - there's just that extra tap on the hi-hat at the end of each bar that is the equivalent of a spring in someone's step. Not that you see someone walking down the road looking particularly happy and say "Wow they sure are grooving today" - not at all, but you must understand what I mean. The sample is unidentifiable which in my mind makes it better.

It's house, it's deep, there are some modulating synths and samples popping up like friendly ghosts, and there is a progression towards a final segment that adds in yet more depth. Perfect for chilling, but perfect for dancing too. Like chicken - perfect for a salad, but also great for a ceylon curry. But please don't think I equate these two things together; it's just an analogy.

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You can catch No Artificial Colours playing FABRIC on 6th November
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