Monday 24 October 2011


Ever heard of Isa GT? I hadn't. And I feel like I've missed out on a little bit, because this kind of discovery is most certainly the good kind. I'm not about to not bother to feature this London-based Colombian and her new track 'Leyenda', which comes hot-launched like a foil airplane from upcoming EP Leyenda, due for release in November on Isa GT's very-own-brand-new label, Etoro Records.

I am fond of a good beat, and if there are ever any good beats to be had, you find these in the places you'd perhaps least expect them, which I guess is in traditional music. And this is kind of the first thing you notice about 'Leyenda' - its entirely based on this infectious minimal beat which doesn't explode with any ridiculous over-the-topness, and at most feeds you some grooving shakers and a nicely timed sub-bass kick that really gets to you in a good way. Without further description, here is the track:

It's a teleportive number, something hot and sweaty about it, something floorboards and mosquitos and sunshine, something flamboyantly intoxicated. It features chill with just that right amount of near-threatening potential to go somewhere unnecessary and insane - and it stays necessary and sane, and as a result, it's a good one. It's a mix of traditional flavours and electronic modern methods, a complete cocktail of spicy content and execution. Naturally, there'll be a review of the EP in its entirety here soon.

Also, if you're interested, 'Leyenda' is the alternative name of the classical guitar piece, 'Asturias' (or the prelude to Chants d'Espagne). You'll recognise it if you heard it. In fact, here it is played to utter perfection by classical guitar legend, Andrés Segovia.

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