Thursday 1 September 2011


Here's a real treat. This amazing talent that is Josie Charlwood has just blown my mind. Covering 'Feel Good Inc' by Gorillaz, she really makes it her own, incorporating sounds and effects that are so future contemporary that it makes my eyes pop, as well as singing in a wonderfully sweet voice, playing guitar, and beatboxing to provide a hefty drum track. She's a regular one-girl band.

It's great to see in this video the two shots: one of above, one of the pedals doing all the looping below. Wonderfully, the looping phenomenon seems to have caught a lot of attention - and for a good reason; playing like this requires a great ear for beats and what works together, as well as an improvising mind. This is basically making a track, but instead of being holed up in a dusky bedroom or studio, Josie Charlwood does it all live. Impressive and mesmerising.

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• And have a look at her SoundCloud where you can listen to more covers, PLUS some tasty originals
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