Thursday 25 August 2011


This is the swaggery single from California-based trio, PAPA, prepped just ahead of their latest release, A Good Woman Is Hard To Find, scheduled for release on 4th October.

Fronted by ex-Girls drummer Darren Weiss, PAPA are a force made up of jangling soul and punky attitude - mainly in the sharp, choppy, entirely coastal guitar sounds shown especially in this new single, 'I Am The Lion King'. With vocals that are as smooth as they are casual and confident, and a high-pitched guitar lick that hits all the right places, it's a great number that leaves me waiting for October.

Have a listen below and let me know what you think. It starts off like it might be a nearly generic electro song, but quickly bounds into something far more substantial, a glittering tune that is aiming to send Weiss, along with bandmates Danny Presant and Sean O'Brien, sailing into your brains.

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  1. this is amazing. great tuneage. great find.