Monday 18 July 2011


Round about two years after their first, and arguably best, song hit the world, The Drums are back and they sound to be on absolutely top form. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the disgustingly catchy new single 'Money'.

Beginning with a deep-voiced vocal that I was finding difficult to place - sounding strangely grown-up - the New Yorkers' new song winds into a rhythmic guitar riff that hooks you in alongside makeshift-sounding drums. There's more than a little owing to The Smiths here, from the complicated fretboard-hopping bassline to the Morrissey-aping vocals (listen out for the little grunt before the first chorus and he's got it spot on).

It's a touching little tale - and a classic one at that; the kind of 'I'd buy you something if I had money but hey it's the thought that counts' attitude. But it's that jaw-achingly addictive chorus you've got to watch out for: "I want to buy you something / But I don't have any money / No I don't have any money." You'll be singing this all day.

It sounds much more English indie than 'Let's Go Surfing', which pertained a little more to surf rock Americana lo-fi than anything else - so is 'Money' telling of what's to come? The new album, Portamento, is out 12th September, so there's a little while to wait yet. Until then, you have this catchy little number and after such a long time, what else could you wish for from The Drums?

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