Sunday 17 July 2011


Cults, who released their debut self-titled album like a month ago (featured here if you fancy reading what I thought), have released a new video for standout, commercial-friendly, ear-warming and ear-worming single 'Go Outside'. Directed by Isiah Seret, a few days ago it premiered on Boing Boing. See below.

It features footage from Jonestown - the scene of the Jonestown Massacre; a mass suicide/mass murder at a commune in Guyana set up by pseudo-Christian Communist cult Peoples Temple, led by the enigmatic Reverend Jim Jones. The sentiment of the video accompanies that of the song; with the happiness portrayed by members of the People's Temple and their actual contention with being unable to leave and their ultimate untimely end, set to the music of 'Go Outisde' - a song whose lyrics struggle with each other "I really want to go outside and make it light all day... You really want to stay inside and not care where you lay".

Perhaps a comment on how things seem and what they actually are like? Whether you read into it or not, it's a great song, perfect for summer - if indeed the sun ever comes out again.

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