Wednesday 25 May 2011


...Basic bitches wear that shit so I don't even bother...

This is a surprise gem in a sea of mediocre hip-hop. Kreayshawn is insane. I started following her on Twitter (@KREAYSHAWN) for whatever reason, something to do with Andy Milonakis I think, and one day she posts this video and, well - she's the real deal.

Though she didn't compose the beats (which feature some pretty grimey bass wows), she certainly composed the bars. The whole of 'Gucci Gucci' is dedicated to pretty much slagging off girls who pretend to be IT, with their Gucci, Fendi, Prada accessories etc. - but who are in fact, by Kreayshawn's reckoning, "basic bitches". I know, it's great, right? So much attitude.

It's funny stuff, clever and contemporary, and moreover, relentless. It nearly doesn't stop throughout. With such a vent in just one song, I hope she will be able to come up with something just as cool after this. Judging from her Twitter stream, it's a certainty that there's going to be a lot more coming from this girl in the future.

As you can tell from this tweet on the left, she's very responsive to her followers/following. Not only is she pretty much always tweeting, but she's always replying to tweets as well - perfect to engage potential listeners of your music, don't you think? But despite this, she doesn't seem to be everyone's cup of tea.

Why? Because people have already put her in the 'hipster hip-hop' (hipster-hop?) category. One commenter on YouTube coined it wonderfully as "tumblr hipster-hop", part of "the faggot generation", based on this interview - another claimed she was "fuckin up the rap game".

I'm not sure how far I agree with this, or even if I agree with it whatsoever, but it just goes to show that people don't like things shaken up, and it's exactly what Kreayshawn is doing. Hipster or not, who cares. She's doing something different (American version of Lady Sovereign, anyone?) and she's doing it well. Just shut up, sit back, and listen to the swaggg.

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