Friday 20 May 2011



Checking music blogs yesterday. Wow. This was top post of every single one. Rightly so. She's huge. If you didn't know (how could you not?), this is Beyoncé's new single, 'Run The World (Girls)'.

But is this song huge? It's a completely different question. No doubt the video is fucking cool - pseudo-Bollywood choreography, some crazy costume changes, Beyoncé with some hyenas in front of what looks like a roadsign to Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia, of course), and a load of effects - but is the song cool? It's pretty much a split opinion, as you can see here.

Quite a few thumbs down. As for me, I love the dirty dubstep sound of about the first 50 seconds; after that I feel it descends into something that is a little jarring. Don't get me wrong, she's wicked, but I just feel the Major Lazer sample was Major Lazy. If used in conjunction with that introductory beat, this could've been an awesome song. When I first listened I thought I was in for an absolute treat, and I was for a bit. I kind of just sat through the rest. Not terrible, but really not amazing either.

Certainly an interesting go at using a sick song as a sample, but that interest peaks after a while and gradually flatlines. Definitely thumbs up for that bassy dancehall-esque kick that comes in and out. Either way, I'll be looking forward to the show she puts on at Glastonbury - I'd definitely like to have a look.

Was worried about posting this. All those girls look pretty angry.

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