Friday 22 September 2023



'Moonland' is a moment to stop, daydream, recollect. Remember the wave-splashed path winding above the rocks and the sparkling sea. A glance out to a pre-dusk sky, trees coated in an orange glow from the dipping sun. Or, as Norvmbega probably intended it, an imagined moonscape. Terraformed domes bristle with bright green plants, houses huddled together, the bustle of unnamed plazas, restaurants with viewing decks of inky space, and in the distance the blue-green marble of Earth.

Comprising the duo of Jono Hill and Jon Hansen, Norvmbega create ambient music using a collage of physical instrumentation and synthetic sounds. A bow scrapes softly against the strings of a violin, creating organic tracts of breathy bundles; pops of pizzicato like droplets pace with purpose throughout the meandering sheen. Just enough harshness tugs at the edges, just enough imperfection and uneasy atonality, balancing 'Moonland' between a semblance of reality and a far-flung fever dream.

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