Saturday 31 July 2021


The mesopelagic zone begins at a point deep in the ocean where only 1% of light filters through, and ends where there is no light. The prospect of such a place is terrifying — the pressure, the darkness, the blobfish — which is why Swiss artist Roger Lindahl’s exploration of it is all the better.

Rather than submerge listeners in these baleful depths, Lindahl’s ‘Seasons in the Mesopelagic’ is a natural history museum in miniature; an indistinct, four-note bass keeps things civic, like the calculating eyes of gallery-goers, while before them floats an adumbral ambient symphony.

Slow, bubbling, and splashed with a harsh yet hazy wash of sound, the sweeping soundscape from Lindahl’s submersible is superb.

  • 🔔 'Seasons in the Mesopelagic' by Roger Lindahl is the inaugural release of Unmade Records, the new sub-label of Zurich’s Red Brick Chapel. You can stream and/or purchase it on Bandcamp.
  • 🔔 Roger Lindahl is actually the alter-ego of Florian Schneider — part Jacques Cousteau, part Brion Gysin, and named after a character in Philip K. Dick’s Puttering About in a Small Land (1957).

    "I first started thinking about the [upcoming album] Pacific Dream Machine around 1954 as a device to induce a hypnagogic state when listening with your eyes closed by stimulating the alpha waves in the brain. The first tests on tape were promising, so I hope it helps you too," says Lindahl.

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