Monday 8 June 2020


With City Morgue proponent ZillaKami at the helm, this track marks his first collaboration with fellow rapper Nascar Aloe. He's the self-proclaimed "new Sid Vicious" and aptly so for this slice of punk rap, 'ACAB'. The sound — the crunching kicks, slap-crack of the snare, distorted sub and indistinct lo-fi synth running through like a frenzy — is enough to summon this devastating stand-up-and-fight-back feel, but the lyrics to 'ACAB' provide the all-important message that rides in this horrorcore-meets-Mad Max of a sonic vehicle.

The song title gives listeners an inkling (ACAB is an acronym for "All Cops Are Bastards", fyi). It's the rallying mantra of the song, spelled out letter for letter and spat out fully: "A-C-A-B ACAB ACAB A-C-A-B ACAB yeah." ZillaKami uses this to preface each line in his verse, weaving it with references to videogames — "rig the block like Melee, yeah" and "Undertale, bitch, I am Sans, boy" — and imagery of scuffles with (the listener assumes, at least) police.

Nascar Aloe bursts in, growling lines that show disdain for both the police and their informants:

"Talk to fuckin' 12? [slang for police] I stomp his head under my sandal / Lock me in a cell, leave me for dead, bitch, I'm a vandal / Police power trippin', turn yo' ass into examples."

The rage is real, and manifests itself in a visceral way in finale: "Bitch, save our people, kill a cop." Undue severity, perhaps, but shocking as it may be for some, police brutality and undue use of force from above on those below has a much longer history than reacting to it.

Amidst the thump and crush of the instrumental, the straining vocal chords of both ZillaKami and Nascar Aloe — but most especially the latter — are delivered suitably dank; it speaks of street-level grime, graffiti, yes, but also of rising up from that place.

  • 🔔 'ACAB' is taken from City Morgue's album CITY MORGUE VOL 2: AS GOOD AS DEAD Deluxe edition. Stream, download or otherwise purchase it from your favourite amongst this list of services that allow you to do so.

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