Friday 28 April 2017

🐣 LEELEK — 騰雲幫

This morsel of music by Taipei trackcrafter LeeLek is a buffet of beats, one dish after another flies through the jagged peaks of hard experimental electronica and each one is delicious. We start with stuttering chords over bristling brassy percussion, move into the sway of a beat that towers over and swaggers forward, powerful kicks spun throughout with webs of menacing sharp chords, soar a into section that laserbeams forward with serious electro bassline pulsing below, fall into a patch of arpeggiating melodies where the kicks rapid-fire wild and rhythmic. Segment after segment it's a barrage of continuous excitement.

But as much as it employs unstinting swathes of clear synthetic sound, the modulating synth chords, hefty dollops of acid bass, thin twangs of melody, the stomp-clap shuffling hi-hat beat itself, there is also an organic side to '騰雲幫' (which means, like... soaring cloud society? or something? maybe) where stringed pluckings glitter mutedly and where gongs crash and metallic percussion crackles and sheafs and where golden flutes glide painting pictures of gentler things than the beat alone summons. This is a duelling dance track where it's future vs. traditional, electronic vs. natural, but the clash and contrast weaves together into this monster that's part-lion dance, part-dark rave.

  • 🔔 This track arrives on the compilation WAREHOUSE curated by Taipei creative collective, UnderU (available on Bandcamp). As the title may suggest, it's filled with pieces like this one, fit for a big old abandoned warehouse, to make you "dance and lose control." It is the antithesis to previously released compilation, GREENHOUSE, much more chill, which "brings you to a space where you can enjoy the sunshine while you photosynthesize with flowers and plants."

LeeLek Internet Presence ☟

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