Thursday 9 January 2014


Mr Pep. Peppy. Or Saint Pepsi if you wanna be proper about it. Yep, the Long Island producer is here again with a nice new song that's as nice as anything I can imagine, as nice as something that I can't describe with words. This man has come a long way with his music, blowing up completely last year thanks to that now infamous (at least in my mind) premiere of his song 'Unhappy' on The Fader. What's great about Saint Pepsi, though – real name Ryan DeRobertis – is his everchanging style when it comes to creating a song. From UK garage to what could be described as emo-trap, he's unpredictable in a good way: i.e. he makes whatever the hell he wants to make.

As such, we have new song 'Mr. Wonderful' to contend with. Cue everybody talking about the song to call it "wonderful" (well, to be fair, it IS wonderful). The "Mr." honorific gives it this cute feel, as far as a title goes anyway. The song itself is "cute" yes but it's more of a mildly intense, dreamy sensation. Indeed, Saint Pepsi himself has tagged it as "Mario Kart Dream Trap" and I'd say that these four words pretty much sum it up.

Why not try listening to it yourself with your ears?

Beginning with a slow dreamy portal river, with echoes of subconscious mists blowing about, we drop into some lovely synth chords presided over by some seriously syncopated snare rolls and rhythms. Then the main bulk of the song falls into your brain like it should: wonderfully. Synth vox melody (K.K. Slider anyone?) bounces cutesily over the now rather bassy wash of sound, and soon we're introduced to the song's sample and the inspiration for the song's name, cuts from the chorus of Aretha Franklin's 'Wonderful'. Turns what was a metaphysical trip into nostalgic memories of Rainbow Road into a down-to-earth celebration of soul music – a gloriously rich throwback to Saint Pepsi's musical origins and clearly still a part of his musical appetite: funk, soul, R&B.

Ending abruptly, this is something that I actually want to listen to for years. Well maybe not for years because that would be ridiculous. At least for another few minutes. But anyway, this song: lovely. Don't you think? A great mix of trap-flavoured beats, videogame nostalgia and the embryonic memories of soul-loving vaporwave. A true mix of musical styles, it's just another small step for Saint Pepsi, and a step in the right direction. Do what you want!

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